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Bay Area Auto Glass is a full service vehicle windshield & window repair, replacement, and recalibration company. We offer same-day full mobile service of the windshield services we provide, depending on the availability of parts.

What that means is that we provide our services at your chosen location, removing your need to change or interrupt your busy schedule to get your vehicle’s windshields or windows repaired or replaced.


We are always growing and currently perform windshield replacement, repair, and recalibration services to almost any location in Florida.


We work with all of the auto insurance companies in the United States. That’s a lot of companies!

This is just a sample of the companies we work with:

Allstate Insurance, GEICO Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Mercury Auto Insurance, and Progressive Insurance.

[Will be adding more this weekend.]

All insurance companies use a special glass claims unit and we have the direct phone numbers to efficiently set up the claim for your particular insurance company, making the overall process faster and less stressful for you.

We accept all methods of payment for our work (if the deductible applies), and we do provide services for those without insurance who are paying for themselves.

Ready to start your auto glass claim?


We offer genuine OEM replacement parts. Whether you’re a vehicle owner who wants the logos back on your new Ford, Jeep, Dodge, or Chrysler windshield and replacement parts, or if you own a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes AMG, BMW, Porsche, or Tesla… we cater to everyone and everything in between.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all workmanship and seals. We guarantee our glass will be free of defects, that it will not leak, and that special glass features like sensor displays, heaters, and more will still work as designed.


We offer fleet management services for windshield replacements and repairs. For all of the fleets out there, we understand how downtime for one of your vehicles can cost thousands of dollars in revenue each day it is not up and running. Give us a call and we’ll get you back on the road.


We offer surface rust removal on the pinchweld of your vehicle where your windshield rests. If you have bad metal that is exposed to the elements, we will restore it to a readily applicable metal re-installation of your windshield if needed.

We have great relationships with many local businesses that compliment auto glass, like window tinting, automotive repair, tire shops, and car washes.

We will be happy to refer you to our trusted experts who can provide the additional services that you need, should you need help with some good recommendations.

Learn More About Our Specific Windshield Replacement Services:

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Confirm Eligibility for Free Windshield Replacement,

Check Insurance Coverage, or Request a Cash Quote

Confirm Eligibility for Free Windshield Replacement,

Check Insurance Coverage, or Request a Cash Quote

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